Automate your workflow with Sellercloud's Order Rule Engine feature

Create your own custom order-related rules based on the demands of your workflow.

Sellercloud's Rule Engine feature helps you apply changes to your orders and items within your orders automatically. It takes care of all those manual repetitive tasks that are eating up so much of your day and lets you focus on bigger, better things like growing your business.

Order rules are simple to create and once set up they can run automatically without the need for your direct supervision. This helps you streamline your workflow and speed up your whole operation. The Rule Engine allows you to split an order, change warehouses, and more based on the conditions you define and the actions you choose when creating your rule. You can also use the rule engine to update an order’s shipping service based on weight, create an order note, or update an order status.

Rules run on every newly created order immediately after creation, whether the order is created manually or automatically.

Create an unlimited number of rules

You can have one rule or multiple Rules in your Order Rule Engine

Copy rules for faster adjustments

Easily copy a rule and then make changes to the copied version.

(De)activate rules as needed

Activate and deactivate an individual rule at any time

Rules are applied instantly

Rules will be applied immediately after order creation.

Track rule execution

Our Execution Log gives you full traceability of your rule execution at any time.

Time-based rules

Run your rules only on specific dates, or days of the week, or during specific hours of the day.

Automatic emails

Send emails to an employee of your choice, based on whatever order criteria you decide on.

Update an order custom column

Add and manage non-standard order information and other attributes automatically.

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© 2010-2022 Sellercloud®

© 2010-2022 Sellercloud®