eBay integration

Manage all your listings from Sellercloud’s all-in-one e-commerce platform.

Key Features

Fixed Price listings

Publish all your Fixed Price listings directly in Sellercloud.

Payment support

Take advantage of PayPal for your regular payments and micropayments.

Auction management

Schedule and publish auctions from one central control panel.

eBay feedback requests

Send feedback requests from Sellercloud.

Authorize.Net support for eBay

Process your eBay payment transactions through the Authorize.Net gateway.

eBay Motors and Parts Compatibility support

Publish all your product specifications and compatibility info straight from Sellercloud.

Inventory management

Know what and where you have at all times.

Automatic synchronization

Download all your inventory, prices, orders, and track your shipments.

Worldwide sales

With Sellercloud, you can take advantage of all eBay international websites.

eBay Promoted Listings Standard

Manage your Promoted Listings campaigns from within your Sellercloud account. Read more...

eBay Gold Partner

Sellercloud is a proud eBay Gold Solution Provider. Our clients are equipped with the features and tools to effectively run their ebay businesses seamlessly alongside the rest of their ecommerce operations.

eBay Developer Council Member

Sellercloud is a proud member of the eBay developer council. This exclusive group of eBays top integration partners engages in regular meetings to review upcoming changes to eBay technology and services. This allows us to keep our clients ahead of the curve by supporting upcoming changes before they take effect.

Be in control

Automatically sync everything on all of the channels you use.

Sell anywhere and everywhere

Reach new customers and try different approaches.

Manage your omnichannel inventory

Know your inventory levels across channels and receive low-stock alerts when needed.

Empower your business through data

Find out the products that are driving your business and respond to demand.

Sell on eBay with Sellercloud

As an eBay-certified compatible application since 2010, Sellercloud integrates seamlessly with eBay's unique auction and fixed-price selling platforms. Integrating your domestic and international eBay inventory software accounts with Sellercloud allows you to synchronize all your marketplace accounts, while easily creating eBay listings, manage inventory, and process eBay orders from one central location. View all our integration channels.

Sellercloud offers full eBay integration with eBay Motors, with the ability to add fitments to listings directly from Sellercloud to help you increase visibly and save on insertion fees.

Listing is made easy with capabilities such as templates utilizing tags to automatically populate product information.

Bundling kits enables listing products in both as individual products and as kits while maintaining inventory integrity. Variations can be published directly from Sellercloud with inventory dependent on the variation components.

Sellercloud will manage and process eBay orders, including shipping and packing slips. All eBay and Paypal fees, including the final value and transaction fees are retrieved to ensure accurate profit and loss on each order.

Unique eBay selling features such as local pickup, no immediate payment required, and eBay Now are fully supported in Sellercloud.

Read about all Sellercloud software features.

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© 2010-2022 Sellercloud®